The Giver

A web quest for 7th Grade

Communication Arts

Melissa Otto


       Can you imagine a perfect world? It is called Utopia.  No war, no fear, no pain.....and no choices.  In a community such as this, everyone would have to have an assigned role.  Welcome to Jonas' world.  Jonas is comfortable in his world until he is singled out to receive special training for his role in the community.  This training comes from an old man known as The Giver.  As apprentice to The Giver, Jonas learns the memories of true pain and pleasure of life.   As The Giver transfers the memories, Jonas discovers many disturbing truths about his perfect world.  Jonas has no one with whom to share these truths, as there is only one Giver. 

      1994 Newberry Medal winner Lois Lowry captivated millions of readers with this science fiction novel and frustrated most with the inconclusive ending.   What you do think happened?