French Culture



Mme. Bre Uzzell


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Required materials :


2 tab dividers

1 ½ -inch plastic binder

pen or pencil



  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of culture by comparing Francophone and American cultures
  2. Apply knowledge of Francophone cultures to demonstrate the relationship between the practices and products of these cultures.
  3. Apply and synthesize cultural skills to provide and obtain information and create presentations on a variety of topics.
  4. Apply cultural skills to expand knowledge in other disciplines
  5. Analyze the nature of the French and Francophone lifestyles by designing and critiquing a variety of products.


Grading :

participation     25%

daily work     15%

projects/papers   50%

quizzes       10%


Grading scale :

96-100     A         77-79     C

92-95     A-         74-76     C-

89-91     B+         71-73     D+

86-88     B         68-70     D

83-85     B-         65-67     D-

80-82     C+         0-64     F



Attendance and tardiness :


Homework :

All assignments are due at the end of the hour on the due date given. Assignments should be turned in by placing them in the correct file at the front of the room. Adequate time is given in each class period for work to be completed in class. Therefore, a ny assignment not turned in by the due date will be late. ONLY 2 LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED PER SEMESTER FOR FULL CREDIT . This policy applies to in-class assignments only. Projects or papers are due on the given due date. Late work on projects and papers will not be accepted. Exceptions in extreme cases will be made only at the teacher's discretion.


Classroom Rules:

•  Be in your seat and be attentive when the tardy bell rings.

•  Bring all required material to class daily .

•  Show respect for yourself and others in conducting yourself during class. There are no insults or jokes made another's expense that are tolerated in this classroom.

•  Food and drink are allowed during class as long as all trash is disposed of properly. Failure to clean up after oneself will result loss of this privilege for the entire class.


Misconduct will result in the following:

•  1 st offense verbal warning

•  2 nd offense student/teacher conference; possible office referral

•  3 rd offense parent notification / participation points deducted; office referral


Severe misconduct will result in immediate dismissal from the class if necessary


** Prize Day Rules **

  Each student will receive 5 points for each week they are present, on time, and prepared each day. Additional points will be available for earning during review times and other special occasions. Points will be accumulated each quarter for trade-in on a prize of the student's choice. Extra Credit will NOT be an option for these activities . If a student does not wish to trade in points, they may be saved for use at the end of the semester. The points are not transferrable to any other student. The prize closet selections will be provided by

the teacher.


By signing this form, I affirm that I have read and understood the above syllabus. I

further understand that if I have any questions or if a problem arises, I may contact Mme.

Uzzell via the school or her e-mail address.



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