Grade: 11

Course Description

Statistics includes an introduction to probability and statistics, including data collection and presentation, probability theory, decision theory, hypothesis testing and statistical inference, regression and correlation. This is a weighted course that will require comprehensive finals and completion of a course project or research paper.  In addition, a graphing calculator (a TI-83+ or above) is required.


There are two reasons for the need to study statistics. One reason is the increasingly quantitative approach employed in all the sciences, as well as in business and in many other activities that affect our lives. The other reason is the amount of statistical information collected, processed, and disseminated to the public has increased. What part of this information is “good” or “bad” statistics needs to be discerned by knowledgeable citizens.



Summarize data using the measures of central tendency and measures of variation, and use these measurements to compare populations and samples.


Apply random sampling techniques, organize collected data into appropriate distributions and create representative graphs.


Perform regression analysis on given data and collected data, classify correlation, and determine the appropriateness for the obtained mathematical model.


Make statistical inferences based on hypotheses.


Apply classical, empirical and subjective probability theories to determine the probability of simple, combined and conditional events.


Construct and interpret confidence intervals for population means and proportions.


Grading Criteria


                                                                   Assessments – 60% of grade     



                                                                        Warm-up Quizzes:       

                                                                   Homework – 40% of grade



      To calculate a weighted average, multiply the Assessment score by .6 and the Participation score by .4, then add.         

      Students may retake tests before school the Wednesday morning after getting the original test back. The final test grade will be the average of the two tests.


Class Expectations

    *If you miss class, it is your responsibility to obtain lecture notes and assignment from a classmate. It is also your responsibility to schedule make-up quizzes and tests. In most cases you will take the test or quiz on the next day of class.

    *If you have any homework questions, you should be prepared to ask your questions immediately following the warm-up.

    *If you have several questions about a concept, you should receive help before school. I am available most mornings after 7:15 and the math-lab is open every morning.

    *All homework assignments must be completed to be successful in this class. Math is not a spectator sport, you must do math to learn math.

    *All students are to do the warm-up problems immediately following the bell.

    *All students must have a scientific calculator with them in class every day.

    *All students must have a three-ring binder.

    *The teacher will end the class, not the bell.

    *All rules of the Ste Genevieve R-II School District will be enforced.



The teacher may make additions and/or alterations to the above.


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