Georg Cantor

  Written by Jennifer Bleckler


              Georg Cantor was born on March 3,1845 in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father was George Waldemar Cantor who married Maria Anna Bohm.   His father was a successful merchant and worked as a wholesaling agent in St. Petersburg.   He worked also as a broker in the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange.   His mother was very musical.

              Cantor studided at the Realschule in Darmstadt.   He graduated in 1860 with outstanding reports.   He entered the Polytechnic of Zurich in 1862.   His father died in June 1863.   He went to the University of Berlin where he became friends with Herman Schwarz.   He spent the summer term of 1866 at the University of Gottingen.   He went back to Berlin to complete his dissertion on number theory in 1867.

              After receiving his doctorate in 1867 he taught for girl's school in Berlin.   Cantor solved the open problem of the uniqueness of representation of a function as a trigonometric series by April 1870.   He published further papers in 1870 and 1872.   He published a paper on trigonometric series in 1872.  

              Cantor was married to Vally Guttmann on August 9,1874.   He had six children during his marriage.   His last major papers were in 1895 and 1897.    He retired in 1913.   He died on January 6,1918 in Halle, Geramny due to a heart attack.