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FFA Members of the Month


Ste. Genevieve earns Fifth place overall in the Area 15 FFA Contests

On March 31st, April 3rd, and April 4th Ste. Genevieve FFA members competed in the  Southeast District FFA competitions, known as CDE's.  CDE stands for career development events.  Each CDE is an event which tests the knowledge and skill of each member competing. Schools are allowed to bring one team for each cde and each team consists of 3 or 4 members. 

Below we have a picture gallery full of Ste. Gen FFA members who competed over the 3 day stretch.

Horse Judging

Nathan Rottler, Heather Adams, Jennifer Kertz, Josh Franklin

Nathan's Ag Sales team collapsed the day of the CDE's in Dexter so he offered to help out on the 3 member horse judging team.  His help was greatly appreciated as the horse judging team finished 6th overall in the standing and will go to state this year as an alternate.


Dakota Giesler, Brian Hermann, Travis roth, Mikey Hermann

BUGS, BUGS, and more BUGS!!!!!


Travis Roth, Alex Hermann, Tyler Fallert, Mikey Hermann

Look closely, this group of men are what studing and hardwork are all about.  The Agronomy contest is difficult and requires a lot of study.  Alex Hermann 1st, Tyler Fallert 8th, Travis Roth 10th, and Mikey Hermann 15th.  Agronomy took 1st overall.

It speaks for itself. Great job guys, keep it up and kick butt at state!!!!!


Josh Franklin, Allen Belote, Marshall Lane, Matt Brown

If you ever wnat to know anything about the incredible, edible egg just ask these guys.


Avery Fallert, Krue Coleville, Terry Sanders, Taylor McMillion

I'm a COWBOY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dustin Noll, Heather Adams, Taylor Stafford

If Heather would keep the hair out of her eyes she may have been able to see the soil pits she was trying to judge.

Hey Dustin this isn't your football picture, you can smile!!!!

Dairy Foods

Brandon Bolland, Alan Wolfin, Justin Hendrix

If you ever wondered what milk with garlic tastes like,talk to these guys.

The dairy products CDE includes  general knowledge, cheese, milk, and ice cream sampling and milk production problem solving.  Before you say I could do that, remember that they identified some items that were fresh and tasty and others that would make our skin crawl.  That is why this is such an important industry it is involved in keeping our food safe.

Farm Management

Brian Hermann, Devin Hattenhauer, Justin Bostic, Derek Gettinger

Two simple multiple choice tests, right fellas!!  This is a tough contest that involves any and all aspects of setting up and running a farm from a financial standpoint.


Gary Butler, Mike Cavenar, Megan Bess, Carissa Sellers

This CDE revolves around the greenhouse industry including identifing plants and equipment used in and around the greenhouse industry.

Nursery and Landscape and Meats

Christina McAlpin, Riley Boushie, Kim Stretch

You're looking at another state bound team here.  The Nursery and Landscape team finished 6th in the competition on Friday and will soon be battling FFA Members from across the state in the Nursery and Landscaping CDE at Mizzou in just a few days.

These ladies pulled double duty and gave up part of their Saturday to represent Ste. Genevieve FFA in the Meats Judging CDE.  They traveled to Fruitland and spent part of the contest in the freezer judging beef carcasses off the hook.

Dairy Cattle

Dakota Giesler. Dustin Noll, Heather Adams

Ask these guys where happy cows really come from!!!!

We are all very proud of all those FFA member who participated in District FFA Competition and for being outstanding members of the month.

REMEMBER :  The month isn't over yet,  let's add more names and stories to the list.  Congratulations to all.


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